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Thank you for visiting my journal. This is where I post the latest books that I have read. When I post, I always include a picture of the book's cover and a short summary. Sometimes you might find a booktrailer, wordle or narrated summary. In addition, if a book has earned an award or honorable mention, you will find that on a 'tag' above the entry. Scroll down and see what you find. You might discover a great read! Enjoy!

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Feb. 21st, 2011 @ 02:07 pm #ls561 Imogene's Last Stand by Candace Fleming

Imogene Tripp was a go-getting type of girl who loved anything that had to do with history.  In fact, her first words were “Four score and seven years ago” (p. 3)  One day, Imogene decided that she wanted to refurbish an old abandoned house that was once “Liddlesville’s Historical Society” (p. 4). Unfortunately, the mayor of Liddleville had different plans. The old house was to be torn down and replaced by a shoe lace factory. Imogene was horrified and no matter what she tried, the mayor of Liddleville was not going to change his mind. However, fate had a different plan when Imogene found a letter within the house that had been written by George Washington himself. She knew that this was her chance to save the house and “quickly” e-mailed the “renowned Liddleville historian, Professor Cornelia Pastmatters” (p. 22).   Imogene and her father, however, had to use their best stall tactics until their help arrived. Indeed it did. What a day it was when the President of the United States showed up in Liddleville and declared the historical house a “national landmark” (p. 29). “The rest is history”, as the old saying goes.  Liddleville’s Historical Society became a big hit within the town. Even the mayor had to take a glance! This is a wonderful book for motivating young readers to love and respect history.              

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